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Algoryn AI Intruder Skimmer Command Squad

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Algoryn AI Intruder Skimmer Command Squad.

3 stk metall- og resinfigurer.

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The Intruder Scout Skimmer is designed for mobility in mind, making it the ideal vehicle for the Algoryn to use for scouting and reconnaissance operations whilst still holding the ability to engage the enemy in combat.

The Algoryn Intruder command bring new detailed features and use the ‘Follow’ special rule allowing them to command multiple nearby units each turn of the game.

Algoryn Intruder Command on the field

Their main weapon is their speed, the ability to have presence on different parts of the battlefield really keeps your opponent on edge. The ‘reach’ of these models is massive, enabling you to command nearby units by using their ‘Follow’ special rule ensuring you can capture that objective last minute or gun down that last unit hidden away. Keep on the move and use line of sight blocking terrain as much as you can to avoid loosing this highly mobile and effective Command unit.


Vekt 0.205 kg
Dimensjoner 23 × 16 × 5 cm