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Beyond the Gates of Antares Starter Set

kr 820,00 kr 246,00

Beyond the Gates of Antares Starter Set.


  • Regelbok, 260 sider.
  • Hurtigreferanseark.
  • Oppstartshefte.
  • 6 stk Ghar plastfigurer.
  • 32 stk Concord plastfigurer.
  • 1 stk metallfigur, Strike Leader Kai Lek Atastrin.
  • 12 ordreterninger
  • Ghar forvrengelsesterning.
  • 13 stk Polyhedral terninger.
  • 12 stk “hold hode ned!!” markører.
  • En blå plastramme med maler.

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In a war-torn universe advanced human societies are bound in a bitter struggle for control of inter-dimensional gateways between worlds – the Gates of Antares. It is a war fought across a million planets and in the depths of space. It is a war that has raged for thousands of years.

Now it is a war that threatens not just the existence of worlds but the fabric of space-time itself – as a new and terrible discovery reveals the most destructive force ever created – the Xilos Horizon.

The armies of the PanHuman Concord include the most effective weapons, the best equipped troops, and the most advanced fighting drones in all of Antarean space. When the forces of the Concord Combined Command move upon the world of Xilos they are in for a shock – for they have been beaten to it! The world has been occupied by a battlegroup of the brutal Ghar Empire. The Ghar are bio-engineered troopers created in millennia past to fight a war now long forgotten – but unfortunately no one told the Ghar! Implacable and without mercy the Ghar prepare for war – for war is all they know.


Vekt 2.200 kg
Dimensjoner 32 × 24 × 9 cm