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Beyond the Gates of Antares Templates

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Beyond the Gates of Antares Templates.


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These great templates are made in a clear blue plastic and allow you to show a variety of things on the battlefield. The round blast area effect (or Shot template as it’s known in Antares) is fairly obvious, and will be familiar to experienced wargamers… however the sprue is packed with a wide variety of templates – all of which are used to represent the effect of various drones and munitions in the game. Our particular favourite is the large Batter Drone Shield template…

Ammunition comes in many different forms, except for Net shots, munitions designed to work with larger overhead firing launchers make use of a marker rather than the usual blast template. Markers are used to represent where a special munitions shot has landed, and are left in place and can continue to exert their influence during the course of the battle.


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Dimensjoner 28 × 18 × 1 cm