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C3T7 Transporter Drone

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C3T7 Transporter Drone.

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The T7 series Transporter Drone is a variant of the M4 series Combat Drone and shares most of its characteristics along with its general appearance.

It is armed with a plasma light support which also enables it to operate as a lightly armed combat drone, making it something of a universal fighting machine.

Its wide opening side doors give access to a cavernous interior. As it is designed to carry humans in safety its armour is a mix of kinetic shields and fixed emission hyperlight type armour combined with a composite armoured transport shell.

You can find the C3T7 Transporter Drone comonly deployed in both Concord and Freeborn armies.


Vekt 0.175 kg
Dimensjoner 29 × 19 × 4 cm